Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Fat Hard Drive Recovery Tool

With growing users of computer, people are becoming more and more dependent upon the machine. Users of data should be very careful about the security and protection of that useful data. However, a number of techniques can be chosen to overcome the disastrous situation of data loss but you cannot totally ignore the reality that data can be lost anytime. Making a regular backup of your data is the only solution to make yourself safe from it. However in order to retrieve your lost data, many alternative strategies can be chosen for example using a recovery tool. These recovery tools help a user in restoring his lost data such as FAT data recovery software. Some of these tools are so much efficient that they are able to solve your problem regarding data loss within seconds. But on the other hand, some tools aren’t good enough instead they increases the trouble for you. So before using any of them do read the reviews and properly diagnose them. This helps you in choosing the best software for recovery of your data.Fat 8

User data is protected on hard disks in the presence of FAT (Table) and NTFS (New Technology File system).FAT data recovery software(s) is the good way out for the retrieval of data from HDD’s. Even these software(s) are also able to retrieve data from the media devices which has same FAT format. It is used to recover data from hard disks in disastrous data loss situations for example data loss reasons can be a virus attack or malicious software, formatting of a partition, accidental or intentional deletion of files etc.

A large number of recovery tools have been developed by the professionals in order to help you in recovering your precious data. But you will find some of them will be fulfilling your desired outcomes. Here I will briefly explain some major data loss reasons. Data loss may occur due to physical or logical reasons. Depending on the nature of data loss you will select data recovery tool. In this manner, the worth of FAT data recovery software can be determined by analyzing its characteristics. Therefore discussed below are the characteristics that good and proficient data recovery software should seize;

  • It should be able to recover data from lost partitions.

  • User friendly interface (GUI).

  • Recovers formatted partitions.

  • An ability to regain data from IDE/AT, SATA, SCSI and USB drives.

  • Deleted files and folders.

  • Recover deleted folders and files.

  • Provides a recovery of deleted files using shift delete keys.

  • Provides a recovery of formatted partitions of a hard disk.

  • Interface is easy for user to operate.

  • Capable Enough to retrieve data to support windows Vista, XP, 2000, 2003.

  • Create image file by using ‘disk imaging option’. This facilitate in processing disk like regular one.

  • Bears the ability to clone a defective disk to a healthy disk by using ‘Disk Cloning’ option.

  • Save file name in original format.

  • Provides an option for “various transfer” which is used for saving a file on any available hard disk.

If you find above mentioned qualities in a recovery tool, it depicts that recovery tool is of high quality. These tools also work effectively even in case of logical data loss. For handling any physical data loss scenario, I would recommend you to consult professional advice of a data recovery professional or by doing it yourself; you may lose your important data. At the last, by having all these characteristics in your mind, always try to discover diverse solutions to avert yourself from being a fatality of data loss.As, now, no one can afford to become a victim of data loss. Sometimes in professional life, data loss can cause an unsuccessful project completion which leads you to job dissatisfaction. Hence, ignoring data protection is like you are compromising your own successes. Be up to date in knowledge regarding data prevention measures and how to deal with the data loss situation if it already has occurred.

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